About The Ring Gym


Esther Lee grew up knowing discipline and the love for a healthy, capable body. Her father owned a dojo where she established her foundation for precision, confidence, and respect.

One thing that always stood out to Esther was the imbalance in pupil gender in the sessions. The males always outweighed the females. Were they not allowed by their parents? Was it social assumptions? She didn’t know but didn’t care. Early in life she set out to correct this overly tipped scale. Her boxing and defense gym has a mission of accepting all those who are interested while trying to specifically let girls and women know that this is a “sport” that is equally as important for them, if not more.
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As of Spring 2020, all gym members and employees must follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
Social distancing measures have been implemented, such as updated equipment arrangements and limited class capacity. Athletes must clean all machinery and equipment before and after use, and wear face masks in all areas of the gym and while working out, with the exception of cardio machines and group classes.